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Truck Unloading Process

At our yard we can unload any size truck quickly and efficiently. Upon entering our facility please stay to the left side of the building, continue down the alley and stop on the truck scale. Wait for the green light and continue to the back of the yard. An on site professional will direct you where to dump your scrap metal.

Coordination Process

For customers working on large commercial projects such as interior/exterior demolition, large AC Units or full trailers we will coordinate with you for a smooth experience. Please call ahead and ask to speak to someone about clearing space for you to dump. Upon your arrive you will be guided through weighing in and out, unloading and getting paid. See Below for details.

Emailing & Printing Reports

After being weighed in, offloaded and weighed out, there are a few options for your company. You can set up an account to be paid a later date if you are bringing multiple loads or make your way to the front of the facility to get paid immediately. Just find the “Pay Window” and provide your company name, address and phone number.

Future Business

When you go to a scrap yard the last thing you want to do is wait in line to dump. Although we do have our busy hours, our specialty is to get your truck in and out as quickly as possible. Use the steps below to expedite the unloading process.

Call Ahead

Feel Free to call ahead if you are bringing a large load or trailer to our facility. We will be waiting on your arrival to speed up the process.

Arrival & Weighing In

Once you arrive at our facility, stay to the left of the building and proceed down the alley. Stop on the truck scale. Keep an eye on the stop light, it will turn green when we record your weight in our system.

Unloading Process

Once your weight is recorded and the light is green, proceed to the back of the yard. Our experienced operators will show you where to go for unloading.

Weighing Out & Getting Paid

After you are unloaded proceed back to the truck scale. We will record your weight, when the light is green proceed to the front of the building.


Industrial & Warehouse Recycling

In addition to a retail drop off location and on site pick-ups, Olympus Recycling services large industrial and Warehouse businesses. Maximizing scrap metal returns with integrated programs, our program will meet the special circumstances of your facility. Our professional team will carve out a metal recycling program specific to your needs with well maintained equipment such as roll-off dumpsters, trailers and hoppers. Look around your facility and see what you have to scrap. Take a look below and let us know what kind of program works for you.

Your Recycling Program

During the demolition of any project or cleanup of your warehouse you will need to coordinate pickup services for your material. We can offer 20yd, 30yd or 40yd roll-off dumpsters for your project. Additionally, we have open top and van trailers. For smaller material, we can provide cardboard gaylords to pick up. Hoes does it work? Take a look below for a step by step process. It starts with your representative and what programs best fits your needs.

Communication Throughout Process

During the process, you will have the option to either call the office for hauling or your assigned sales representative. We will coordinate hauling to keep your project moving with minimal downtime.

Contact With Sales Representative

During your project, communication is always very important. Before your start your project a sales representative will meet you at your facility to determine what recycling program works best. After choosing trailers, dumpsters or smaller flat bed pick up option we'll set the date for delivery. During the project you will be in direct contact with a sales representative to coordinate hauling off of your site.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Our most popular option is to deliver a 12yd, 20yd, 30yd or 40yd for you to load. Our experienced drivers will either drop at your dock or parking lot at the desired time.

Open Top Or Van Trailers

We offer a variety of trailers for your project. Low, mid and high side trailers that are dock friendly and easy to load. Assuming your facility has a dock leveler you can drive onto the trailer for easy loading. Just make sure material is palletized and banded or shrink wrapped for transportation. Once we receive the load at our facility will be offloaded and weighed.

Pick Up Of Smaller Amounts Of Material

Sometimes a job is smaller and doesn't require a dumpster or trailer. We can pick up gaylords on our smaller flatbed truck up to four at a time. Additionally, you can load loose materials and we can weigh at our facility. This option is best for more valuable material such as Brass, Copper or Wire.


Olympus Recycling is located at 7655 Ponce De Leon Cir NW, Atlanta GA 30340. With easy access to both I85, 285 and Buford Highway we can accommodate both large and small loads of ferrous and non ferrous materials. Whether you are an electrician, plumber, handyman, junk removal business or just cleaning out your garage, you are welcome to recycle at our facility. You don't have to call ahead or make an appointment, just show up with your metal during our regular business hours to get weighed and paid!

Pickup Trucks Of Scrap Metal

When you pull into the facility stay to the left side of the building. Stop on the truck scale and wait for the the stop light to turn from red to green. This means our our scale operator has recorded your weight. After proceed to the back to unload your metal. One of our onsite professionals with guide to the back.

Proceed to the back of the building, go over the truck scale and see one of our forklift operators. He will guide you to a hopper to unload your material. Once you are unloaded the forklift operator will bring your material inside and weigh on the smaller scale. Follow along, we want you to see your weights!

Any questions feel free to contact us 404.800.0370

Based on Georgia's state law for buying scrap metal we pay by check. Please bring a valid drivers license or we cannot pay or accept your material.


Scrap Metal Pickup Services

Pickup services are perfect for smaller amounts of materials that do not require a roll-off dumpster. Olympus Recycling offers service with our flatbed truck for pickup on materials such as Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Batteries, Motors and much more. If you do not have the ability to deliver to our yard we can offer pickup service depending on your location. Call us or complete the form below with pictures and we'll give you call to discuss your project.

Why Choose The Pickup Option?

  • We'll call ahead when in route
  • Flatbed truck for easy access, dock or smaller businesses.
  • Our specialist will help load material on site
  • Same day service when possible
  • FREE local pickup, charges may apply. Call for details


Scrap Metal Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-Off dumpsters are available in all sizes such as 11yd, 20yd, 30yd and 40yd. Dumpsters offer a quick and easy way to recycle scrap metal from your job site, business or home. Please call us at 404.800.0370 for a quote on service and availability.

  • Offer 11yd, 20yd, 30yd & 40yd dumpsters
  • Easy loading option for demolition contractors
  • Remodeling? Throw away old appliances in a small dumpster
  • Perfect dock option for industrial businesses to load by hand
  • Fast service, easy mobility on job site
  • Quick payouts
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olympus container sizes